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The Norwegian Centre for Arts and Culture in Education


The Norwegian Centre for Arts and Culture in Education is a resource centre helping strengthen work in art and culture subjects in primary and secondary education. Our main audience is teacher educators, teachers, leaders and staff in kindergartens and schools, kindergarten and school owners and Educational and Psychological Counselling Service.

The Centre was established by The Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research in 2007.

Our main tasks:

1.      National framework and teaching plan related activity

2.       Support and competence

3.       Dissemination of research

4.       Communication and co-operation nationally and internationally


The centre develops and spreads supportive and advisory material and results from research conducted in the field. In addition, the centre assists the university and university college sector in its competence development.

The value of the art and culture subjects

The art and culture subjects in education are important for stimulating learning and formation as a basis for development of the whole human being. Children and young people  should have the opportunity to create, master and experience aesthetic challenges in various forms. By using all human senses and creative abilities, one will develop love of life, quality of life, and the motivation to learn.

Schools and kindergartens have a special responsibility for all children and young people to gain good education and training in art and culture subjects, and the chance to meet and experience a multitude of art and cultural activities.

Art and culture subjects in education

For kindergartens, Art, Culture and Creativity defines a subject area in the national framework plan.

Art, Crafts and Music are compulsory subjects in the primary education.

At secondary school level, Design and redesign, Hall and stage, Production of goods and services, and Living cultural heritage are elective subjects. Dance is included as a compulsory part of physical education and Drama is part of the subject Norwegian. Moreover, the aesthetic subjects are often included in interdisciplinary work.

In upper secondary education, we have the following educational programmes in the art and culture subject field: Music, dance and drama, a study specialization with Art, Design and Crafts and Media and Communication.

Universities and university colleges play an important role in research, education and competence development  of art and culture subjects.


Our website (in Norwegian language) includes subject material and a resource base with supportive and advisory material for use in education.

Supportive and advisory material for kindergartens is based on the national framework ‘s subject field art, culture and creativity. In compulsory general education and at upper secondary level the material is related to curricula, competence objectives, and basic skills. The resource base includes, furthermore, good examples of co-operation between culture schools and schools/kindergartens.

The National Prize for Art and Culture in Kindergartens lifts up good examples of work in the subject field of art, culture and creativity. The prize has been awarded every year or every other year since 2008.

The network for teacher training in the university and university college sector spreads research results and raises competence in the sector.

Nord University

Nord University is a young university with strong regional ties and a global perspective. Faculty of Education and Arts, of which the Norwegian Centre for Arts and Culture in Education is a part of, educates tomorrow’s teachers from preschool to upper secondary school, and within sports and the fine arts. Our candidates play a vital role in the knowledge-based development of society. The Faculty aims to contribute to the further development of the preschool and school system at all levels, and our research emphasizes the teaching profession and professional teaching practices.

The Norwegian Centre for Arts and Culture in Education

Nord University
8049 Bodø

Telephone: +47 755 17500
E-mail: kunstkultur@nord.no


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